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You can measure the fat content in your body by using a top body fat percentage calculator. All of us measure our weight very often, but very few go into the details of body fat percentage calculator accurate of our total weight. As you must know, body mass consists of fat and muscles. You may be losing weight, but instead of losing fat, you may be losing muscular weight. It indicates that something is wrong. To measure the progress of your health and fitness regime, it is important to measure the body fat as well.

Everyone Needs To Know Their Body Fat

Sometimes, you are consistently working out, eating healthy, and physically active; yet you do not seem to lose weight. You tend to get disappointed. But in most of these cases, what happens is that you are gaining muscles and losing fat, thus the weight remains the same. This is very good for you; your exercises are bringing in good results. But you will know this only if you use the percentage calculator. It is an absolutely necessary tool to measure the effectiveness of your workout plan.

Earlier, people used to think that only sports persons and bodybuilders need to calculate the fat, and that too get it calculated by a trained physician. Now, times have changed, and now we know that calculating the body fat percentage is important for everyone, both men and women. The process is also very simple.

How Much Fat Is Ok For You?

You have to start by taking your specific body measurements like height, neck, weight, and waist, and for women, hips too. The body fat percentage calculator accurate will then use this information to calculate your fat percentage. A healthy body fat percentage for men should range between

14-17%; for competitive athletes it should be 6-13%. Men having fat percentages in mid-20s have a cause for concern as this put them in the obese criteria.

For women, it is a bit higher; 20-24% is considered to be good and healthy. For female athletes, 14-20% body fat percentage is suggested. Women having body fat percentage more than 30% are considered obese. By being in the obese category, people are at risk of heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, fatty liver, and so on.

Measuring It Is Very Easy

The body fat percentage calculator is available on the internet, or you can buy one of your own. Measure your height by putting a pencil mark at the top of your head on the wall and measure that mark to the ground. Then measure the circumference of your neck. After that, wrap the tape measure around your belly, right below the belly button. Take the measurements honestly and accurately; after all, it is a question of your health.

After taking all these measurements and more if required, punch in the measures and your age in the calculator and you get the fat percentage number. You can now compare this with the chart and see where you stand.

The calculator is a simple tool, but it does a very complex and important work for you. It tells you how you are doing health wise, whether you require a more focused workout or diet plan, or whether are you at risk of a life-threatening disease. Once you get the full picture, you can plan your diet, exercise, and embark on other activities to achieve that ideal body fat percentage, and hence a healthy body.

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